Would You Like to $ave on Your Energy Bills?


Together We Save

Touchstone Energy’s Together We Save is built on the concept that consumers can control their energy costs through simple actions. Discover how simple steps can lead to big savings.

Imagine if everyone made one small change. Now, stop imagining. Flip a switch. Seal some cracks. Screw in a CFL. Install a programmable thermostat and actually program it. It doesn’t take a lot of energy to save energy. But it sure pays off.

Designed to inspire consumers to easily save energy by saving them money, TogetherWeSave.com's Energy Savings is filled with tips to help members becoming more energy efficient.

The site features more than a dozen energy-efficiency interactive web applications linked to a virtual home tour, all designed to encourage co-op members throughout the country to take energy-saving actions now. Touchstone Energy TV showcases energy-efficiency videos, while an Energy Saving Forum allows members to post their own energy saving success stories and learn more information on how they can lower their energy bill.

Plug in to the power of your Touchstone Energy Cooperative membership.