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A typical table is shown below:

LocationPhone Number
Forest City 828-245-1621 or 1-800-521-0920
Cherryville 704-435-5401 or 1-800-228-5331
Morganton 828-584-1410 or 1-800-228-9756
Marion 828-652-2136
Gastonia 704-629-6226
Lincolnton 704-735-5381

Pay By Mail

If you pay via mail, drop box or office visit be sure to return the bottom portion of the bill with your payment. Please allow appropriate mailing time for your payment(s) to reach Rutherford EMC and be applied to your account(s).

Correspondence may be mailed to:

Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation
P.O. Box 1569
Forest City, North Carolina 28043

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