Rutherford EMC's Latest Press Release

"New Voices?" Or the Same Old Song

A new group that claims to speak for Rutherford EMC members turns out to be singing the same old song – for the same wealthy man who doesn’t want a new power line on his land.

Recently, a Mr. Morgan Neely sent out a news release on behalf of a group called “New Voices for REMC.” The news release was filled with false and misleading information about REMC’s rates. You can go to our website to get the facts.

Now it appears that “New Voices” actually has a hidden agenda. The group is part of a coordinated, high-dollar effort to stop REMC from building a new transmission line from Thermal City substation to Dysartsville. The line is needed to ensure reliable service for thousands of members and to improve the reliability of REMC’s entire system.

The McDowell News reports that Mr. Neely admits that his “New Voices” organization is receiving financial support from Tim Sweeney!

Sweeney is the wealthy Cary, N.C., resident who has bought thousands of acres in this area for his own use. Sweeney already has spent heavily on lawyers, consultants and public relations firms to fight REMC’s line.

According to The McDowell News (July 14), Neely confirmed that Sweeney “is a significant contributor” to “New Voices.”

In other words, “New Voices” is just the same old song, with a new front man.

It is time for Mr. Sweeney to stop standing in the way of the best interests of the people who live here – and who need reliable electricity service.


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