A Brighter Energy Future

As a member of your community, Rutherford EMC enjoys many of the great environmental scenes and sounds of our area here in the foothills of North Carolina. For our environment and world to retain those sights and sounds, we each have to do our part. Rutherford EMC has met since 2012, and continues to meet, the North Carolina requirements to utilize renewable generation as ever increasing portions of the power we deliver to the member. As of 2021, 10% of the power purchased by Rutherford EMC is from renewable sources, and your cooperative has been informed by its generation partners of a reduction in carbon generation by 39% below 2005 levels. However, we have not stopped there. Partnering with our suppliers, Rutherford EMC is poised to have a 70% carbon emissions reduction by 2030 and a net-zero 2050 goal for carbon emissions from power sources.

At Rutherford EMC, we are here to help you do your part. Your part may be reducing your consumption—contact us for a free home energy audit…Your part may me driving an electric car—contact us with any questions about the adequacy of your service for the additional load…Your part may be the addition of renewable generation—contact us for our latest observations on the state of technology and how to start the process of interconnection. In any form, we each have to do our part, and we each have to decide, individually, what the right fit for our own homes and businesses will be. Rutherford EMC is here to be your partner as you navigate your energy journey.