Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation offers a variety of outdoor lighting options to make you feel safe and more secure at your home or business.

According to the style of light you choose, the light can be mounted either on a standard wood pole or on a fiberglass pole. On some lights, you can choose the type of light source. High pressure sodium (HPS) gives an orange-yellow tinted glow; light emitting diode (LED) give a white tinted light in a directional pattern; and metal halide (MH) gives a white-tinted glow.

You pick the type of light you want and Rutherford EMC does the rest. We’ll install the light, a pole when needed, furnish electricity and perform maintenance on the light - all for a minimal monthly fee.

See Rutherford EMC's Outdoor Lighting (OL) Rate Schedule for additional information.

Please note:
10-year minimum contract period is required on new installation of all decorative lighting.

Type of Light Description Bulb Type
LED Light Available on wood pole. This light is intended to compete with the 100-watt HPS light while saving 56 watts. Ideal for areas where light trespass is an issue. The fixture is very environmentally responsible. 44  Watt/LED
Standard Outdoor Light Available on wood pole. Ideal for rural and suburban homes, agricultural and commercial applications. 44 Watt/LED
200 Watt/HPS
Floodlight Available on wood poles. Provides illumination for parking lots, recreational areas and building security. 200 Watt/HPS
400 Watt/MH
Cobra Light Available on wood poles. Ideal for streets, highways and parking lots. 150 Watt/HPS
250 Watt/HPS
Shoebox Available on fiberglass pole, single or double fixture. Ideal lighting for parking lots. 100 Watt/HPS
Lantern Light Available on fiberglass pole. Offers attractive lighting for residential neighborhoods and business parks. 100 Watt/HPS
Acorn Style Light Available on fiberglass pole or fluted tapered pole. Adds a distinctive dimension to subdivision and commercial area. 100 Watt/HPS