If you wish, you may STOP receiving your monthly REMC bill statement via the post office and instead, receive an electronic "notification" to the email address you provide. Just click on the "Member Portal" link at the top of the page to go to the "Member Services Portal" screen.  On this screen you will see a tab called "My Account."  Click on that tab and you will see E-Notification and E-Bill.  Click on E-bill and you will get a screen where you can change your "Bill method."  Instructions below are what you will see on the screen.

"To enroll the selected account in E-Bill, change the Billing Method to 'E-Bill'.  An e-mail address will be required.  you must also confirm your e-mail address before clicking Submit.  If you'd like the convenience of E-Bill, but want to continue receiving paper bills, change the billing method to 'Paper & E-Bill'.  To stop receiving E-Bill Notifications at any time, simply change the Billing Method back to 'Paper'."

Once the change is made to "Bill Method", the next bill generated will come in that format.

Please note that all fields are required to sign up for E-Billing.

First Name
Last Name