NC Green Power

In August 2006, Rutherford EMC began partnering with NC GreenPower. Our members, combined with other consumers across the state, are working to protect our environment through their tax deductible contributions.

GreenPower Update:

NC GreenPower provides an easy and effective opportunity to balance your impact on the environment for as little as $4 a month. This landmark nonprofit offers complementary ways to make a difference - Renewable Energy that supports cleaner energy and Carbon Offsets that mitigate greenhouse gases. Combined with your personal energy conservation, Renewable Energy and Carbon Offsets help you create a cleaner, greener environment.

Under this landmark program, it's easy to participate. Just sign up below or call Rutherford EMC to sign up today and begin contributing with your next electric bill. Remember, you have the power to make a difference!

What is NC GreenPower?

NC GreenPower is a landmark initiative promoting renewable energy and clean air in North Carolina. Created by the NC Utilities Commission and administered by the nonprofit corporation, Advanced Energy, NC GreenPower is an independent nonprofit program designed to improve the quality of the environment through voluntary contributions to encourage the development and use of more renewable energy sources.

How was it formed?

NC GreenPower is designed as a way to provide North Carolinians with greater and "greener" options for their energy sources. The program was formed with input and representation from utility companies, environmental groups, renewable energy providers, and others across the state.

Why is NC GreenPower a landmark program?

NC GreenPower is the nation's first statewide-regulated initiative to encourage development of more renewable energy resources. Unlike other programs that are primarily run by individual utility companies, North Carolina's program involves utility companies across the state and is run by a separate, nonprofit entity.

How does NC GreenPower work to protect the environment?

Voluntary consumer contributions to NC GreenPower will add more renewable energy to North Carolina's power supply and support the installation of solar projects at schools. NC GreenPower is designed to boost the production of "green power" - electric power generated from renewable sources of electricity, such as wind, solar energy, water, methane and organic material - by creating a market and an incentive for companies to develop and sell it.

How Do I Contribute to NC GreenPower?

Renewable Energy

For as little as $4 a month, you can help NC GreenPower build up the supply of green energy produced for the NC electric grid. Beginning April 1, 2015 all contributions will be split evenly with $2 purchasing 50 kWh of green power and $2 supporting the installation of solar PV demonstration projects at North Carolina k-12 schools.

Carbon Offsets

For each Carbon Offset block purchased, NC GreenPower pays a premium to a project owner or developer in the NC/SC/VA regional area that is mitigating greenhouse gases through a project such as: methane gas capture from animal waste or a landfill; reforestation or avoiding deforestation. For every $4 donated, 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent emissions are mitigated.

For your convenience, your voluntary contribution will be added to your monthly electric bill. To help NC GreenPower keep administrative costs low, Rutherford EMC and other electric utilities across the state have volunteered to collect contributions and send the entire amount directly to NC GreenPower.

Large-volume power users can also support NC GreenPower. They may contribute toward 100 or more blocks of green power at only $2.50 per block. A different mix of renewable energy will be used. Those interested in making a one-time contribution may do so by going to or by calling Advanced Energy at 919-857-9000 for more information.

Exactly How is My Contribution Used?

All of the money contributed is forwarded by Rutherford EMC to NC GreenPower for payment to approved green power projects and to cover NC GreenPower's cost for administering the program.

Questions or Comments?

We want to hear from our members! Reach us via email or toll-free at 1-800-521-0920.

NC GreenPower, an independent nonprofit organization, was approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission to provide North Carolinians with greater options for their energy sources. NC GreenPower is committed to improving environmental protection by increasing renewable energy sources. NC GreenPower is a subsidiary of Advanced Energy, located in Raleigh, N.C.

You have the power to make a difference. Learn more.

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